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The 1940s

The 1940s and 1950s were collectively, known as the "Golden Era" of Sci-fi. During this time science fiction gained wide public attention, particularly through literature.Leaving the obvious talents of  H.G. Wells and his historic literary counterparts behind for a moment, it was the Second World War and the creation of the Atomic bomb and other technological advances, which created a stimulus for this golden era.

Whilst the 1950s undoubtedly fared better because of post-war influence, the 1940s film production focussed very much on the war. 191 films were made about the war compared to only 32 science fiction films.

We left the 1930s with a look at th serials of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. we had the  Flash Gordon serial, of course. We met Dale Arden and Princess Aura in the 1930s, but for the last of the 3 serials, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940),  the actresses changed.


Dale Arden played by Carol Hughes in Flash Gordon (1940)


Princess Aura played by Shirley Deane in Flash Gordon (1940)

Other noteable characters.


Penelope Beman played by Patricia Roc in The Perfect Woman (1949)

The perfect woman was actually a robot based on a scientist's niece
Carol Forman Somdra Black Widow

Somdra played by Carol Forman in the film Black Widow (1947)

Another notable babe at the time was the Black widow (1947) (not the Marvel character, who appears much later on) which starred Carol Forman as Somdra aka the daughter and agent of King Hitomu, and she looks pretty hot in her black costume. This was a serial made in the 1940s and re-shown as a TV series in the 1960s.
Ingrid Bergman Ivy Peterson Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Ivy Peterson played by Ingrid Bergman in Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde (1941)

This film featured the very lovely and very Swedish Ingrid Bergman as Ivy Peterson, a sensual young barmaid, unfortuntely abused, raped and then finally killed by Hyde.


Not on the wiki list is the 1943 film, Captive Wild Woman, but confirmed on the IMdB as horror/science fiction. Here we have Acquanetta, also known as the Venezuelan Volcano, playing Paula Dupree, who is actually a gorilla with transplanted organs from two different women, including a human brain, of course.

A year later, Jungle Woman (1944) followed and again we saw the exotic and beautiful Acquanetta (who by the way was born Mildred Davenport, but claims she was born on a native American reservation) playing Paula Dupree aka the ape woman. There was a further film in the ape-woman trilogy, The Jungle Captive (1945), although played by Vicki Lane this time. This film isn't listed as sci-fi by IMDb, but I don't see why - it included the same Paula Dupree character and follows the same storyline. It's difficult to find a good image from the film, so here's sultry Acquanetta in a movie poster for Jungle Woman.
Acquanetta Paula Dupree Captive Wild Woman

Paula Dupree in Captive Wild Woman (1943)

Acquanetta Paula Dupree Jungle Woman

Paula Dupree in Jungle Woman (1944)

ImageThe 1940s

Much of the film production in the 1940s focused on the war and there is probably scope for a "war babe" site somewhere on the web, but it won't appear here. What this means is that the 1940s was rather short of sci-fi films and thus babes. In fact, the decade lists only 32 films made in the genre, a far cry from the next decade which boasts over 180!