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Is Batman Science Fiction?

batman in 1943

Batman first appeared in the Detective Comic #27, in May 1939. His first TV appearance was in 1943

The IMDb has only two entries for the genre of the 1943 film - Action and Crime, whilst the TV series that ran from 1966 to 1969 did have the sci-fi tag. The 1969 film lost the sci-fi listing (although it did, correctly include the word "comedy"). It did not return when Michael Keaton played the lead character in the 1989 film, so what's going on? Is Batman science fiction, or not? The question is important if you are going to have a collection of females from science fiction films and TV series, because if they aren't from the genre, then they shouldn't be included - right? It was a question I asked myself many times. Right from the start, I was insistent that this site would be about science fiction and one of my first criteria was that the media from which the character came MUST be categorised as such. A starting point for me was an already-prepared database in the shape of the International Movie Database (IMDb). Here I could research a film or TV series to check that it was actually classified as science fiction, either in the genre description, or as a plot keyword. This was especially important if I hadn't actually seen all of the footage.
Then I came across the Batman question, which worried me.
Now I have already stated that I would use IMDb as a starting point, knowing that it would only be that. I devised a list, created from research on what makes science fiction unique, of characteristics of the genre - and they are as follows:
  • Time travel
  • Settings in the future
  • Alternative timelines
  • Utopian/dystopian societies
  • Space
  • Aliens from other worlds
  • Advanced technology
  • Computers
  • Robots
Cutting straight to the point, I want to make the point that, in many comic books, characters like Batman belong in a universe which itself is filled with science fiction. Some people may argue that these universes don't strictly fit in with the principle that a scientific possibility exists, and that we are more into realms of fantasy here. I don't agree. In the Marvel/DC universes, we find aliens from other worlds and outer space - where do you think Superman came from? Superman IS an alien from another world - Krypton! And who is to say that an alien species can't fly? Evolution here on Earth shows that is most definitely possible, so why not on other worlds? For me then, if a character belongs to this universe, he/she/it is automatically eligible to make the list. That makes any character from the DC/Marvel worlds a true science fiction character. Just to clear up a few points though...

Its fairly clear that neither the Batman TV series or the early films directly suggest that we are in a superhero universe. We are in Gotham city, but in the present time. We can rule out time travel, settings in the future, alternative timelines, utopian/dystopian societies, space, aliens from other worlds and robots. However, the TV series in the 1960s contained technology that was advanced for its time. Sure we know about lasers and supercomputers now, but then it was fiction. So I am happy with the TV series and the 1966 film (right down to the batsharkrepellentspray). In the more modern films, we also have technology which is not available to us yet. Examples are Batman's memory fibre cape, his exoskeleton, "jumping" cars, a plane that converts into a submarine and a computer that uses mobile phones to create a "map" of the city. Now these are not to be confused with the gadgets he carries in his utility belt - strictly speaking these are current or at least not particularly advanced. So no, James Bond doesn't make sci-fi because of this! But I am convinced that Batman does. And so the rest of the characters in Batman's world. Let's see which scifi babes make the list....

Batman Babes


Without a doubt, the sexiest babe in the Batman franchise has to be Catwoman. She has been played by a number of some of the most attractive and sexy actresses to appear in the genre over the years so let's have a look!
catwoman julie newmar

Catwoman - Julie Newmar

Julie was the first woman to play Catwoman in the TV series. She starred in 13 episodes from 1966-1967 and was a very sexy cat!
catwoman ertha kitt

Catwoman - Ertha Kitt

Ertha played Catwoman in 5 episodes from 1967-1968. I remember her purringaway as she spoke in a very seductive way.
catwoman lee meriwether

Catwoman - Lee Meriwether

Star Trek favourite Lee played Catwoman in the 1966 Film. Again a very beautiful lady.

More Catwomen

The return of Batman in 1989 began a golden time for the franchise, with a consistent trawl of films, to date, some of which included Catwoman, and some included other babes.
catwoman michelle pfeifer

Catwoman -Michelle Pfeifer

The georgeous Michelle played Catwoman in the 1992 film, Batman Returns. Like Ertha above, she purred her way through the film and looked amazing in her home-made outfit which was a perfect skin-tight fit.
catwoman halle berry

Catwoman - Haley Berry

Sexy Halle played Catwoman in the spin-off, Catwoman film, in 2004, which flopped unfortunately, but I personally would like to see her play more sci fi ladies.
catwoman anne hathaway

Catwoman - Anne Hathaway

Anne played Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Film. For me, at least, this has to be the sexiest Catwoman. The costume is a perfect fit for Anne, who has the perfect cat-like body for the role. The character has a lot more depth to her also, as a part-time cat burglar and eventual accomplice to Batman and Bruce.

Batman's friends

Whilst most of the women in Batman's life were trying to do him harm, there were allies... one of them was Batgirl!
batgirl Yvonne Craig

Batgirl -Yvonne Craig

Yvonne was the first actress to play Batgirl in the original TV series fron the 1960s. Of course, Batgirl was no other than commisioner Gordon's sweet daughter, Barbara Gordon (boy was Gordon dumb!). As you would expect from the sixties, she had a pink motor cycle and a shimmering costume. Batgirl was a martial arts expert and highly intelligent and a serious addition to the team. As a sidenote, Yvonne also played as an Orion Slave girl in the Star Trek original series.
batgirl Alicia Siverstone

Batgirl - Alicia Silverstone

Alicia played the character in Batgirl's first film appearance in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin. Barbara Wilson (her real name) was not the daughter of commisioner Gordon, as in the comic books, but instead an orphan, who's mother was close to Batman's bultler, Alfred. An accomplished motorcyclist and computer expert (i.e. hacker), she was a very credible member of the team and the first batgirl to wear thigh-length boots.
Batgirl - Dina Meyer

Batgirl - Dina Meyer

Believe it or not, Dina is wearing the same costume that Alicia wore - just re-painted. Dina played Batgirl in the short-lived 2002 TV series, Birds of Prey. In this TV series Batgirl becomes the Oracle, wheel-chair bound after being caught in the crossfire between Batman and the Joker.

Other friends - and some foes

It doesn't matter if you are Batman or Bruce Wayne - you still get the girls after you!
Vicki Vale - Kim Basinger

Vicki Vale - Kim Basinger

A fancy of Bruce Wayne - but beautiful.
Chase Meridan - Nicole Kidman

Chase Meridan - Nicole Kidman

Another beautiful friend of Bruce.
Sugar - Drew barrymore

Sugar - Drew barrymore

Drew played Sugar in Batman Forever.
Poison Ivy - Uma Thurman

Poison Ivy - Uma Thurman

The very sexy Uma Thurman played Poison Ivy in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin.
Nora Fries - Vendela Kirsebom

 Nora Fries - Vendela Kirsebom

Nora was the frozen wife of Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin.
Miss B Haven - Vivica A Fox

Miss B Haven - Vivica A Fox

With a name like that, how can you not be a sci-fi babe?

Batman the TV series - selected others

I could probably devote 10 pages or more of the babes that appeared in the TV series, but here are just a few noteable entries - for no particular reason
Undine - Sivi Aberg

Undine - Sivi Aberg

Played by the former Miss Sweden, Sivi Aberg, Undine was an evil beach babe and a henchwoman of the Joker.
Siren - Joan Collins

Siren - Joan Collins

How can I not include the very beautiful Joan Collins, here playing Siren? Siren had the ability to mesmerize men with her singing.
Queenie - Nancy Kovack

Queenie - Nancy Kovack

Its so difficult to find a really good image of Queenie, played here by Nancy Kovack. A henchwoman of the Joker's, Queenie was almost Marilyn Monroe-esque in her dress style and voice. As a matter of interest, Nancy will appear again, in the Star Trek section.
Neila - Grace-Lee Witney

Neila - Grace-Lee Witney

Talking of Star Trek, Grace-Lee Witney (Yeoman Janice Rand - who can forget her!) played one of King Tut's associates.
Florence - Victoria Vetri

Florence - Victoria Vetri

Continuing with the Star Trek theme, here's the very beautiful Victoria Vetri playing the very corny-named Florence of Arabia..
Cornelia - Kathy Kersh

Cornelia - Kathy Kersh

And finally (for now anyway) here's Kathy Kersh playing gold-digger Cornelia.

Want more?

There are plenty of sites out there - too many to link to - just do a search...

ImageBatman Babes

Batman was an early favourite of mine and both he and I were suckers for some of the lovely ladies - most of which were out to do him some harm - especially Catwoman! The very essence of a cat, extrovert, dominant, and the very important ability to cheat death. Couple that with a tight-fitting jet-black outfit and gymnastic ability - not to mention the purring - then you have a winning formula.....but what if the characters in Batman aren't sci-fi?

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