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Our policies

Content and Copyright

Scifibabes.co.uk is a fan web site devoted to women of the sci-fi genre. All information is deemed to be correct at the time of publication. If you find any information to be factually incorrect, please contact us and we will, upon investigation, remove or amend the information.

Copyright for images remains with the holder always. No copyright is implied, implicitly or otherwise by scifibabes.co.uk. Any infringement of copyright is unintentional. If you find that any images infringe copyright, please notify us with proof and the image will be removed or other changes made as per your requests.

All errors will be corrected within 48 hours of notification and satisfactory proof.


Privacy and Cookies

All about cookies?

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External Links

Visitors to external sites should read the terms and conditions and privacy rules for those websites. Scifibabes.co.uk cannot be held responsible for content of external links. If you find any links to be incorrect or inappropriate, please notify us and we will make the necessary changes within 48 hours.

Scifibabes and nudity

Scifibabes.co.uk is intended to be suitable for a wide audience, but is mainly intended for those over the age of 16. Whilst it includes images of a sexy nature, it does not include any nudity. All images are deemed to be appropriate for a wide audience. If you find any images offensive, or any links to contain offensive information, particularly pornographic or nudity, please contact us immediately. Any content found to be unsuitable will be removed., usually within 48 hours.