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The Companions of Dr Who

The longest-running Science Fiction TV series ever!

I may have given Dr Who a bad press earlier, but considering it is the World's longest running sci-fi TV series, you would expect more babe content. This isn't an exhaustive list of female companions, but most are included here. Most of them were hapless, accidental recruits, but there was the odd one or two that were more than just a second-rated assistant!

Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill

Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill

Dr Who's first female companion, way back in 1963, Barbara was a school teacher who stumbled into the TARDIS by mistake and ended up on many time-travel adventures. Luckily for the Doctor, she was an expert on history.

Katarina Adrienne Hill

Katarina - Adrienne Hill

Katarina was handmaiden to the prophetess Cassandra when the Doctor visited Troy, in 1184 BC. She later sacrificed herself for the Doctor.

Polly Anneke Wills

Polly - Anneke Wills

Polly was a strong-willed ex-secretary who joined the Doctor when he took off into space-time not knowing she was aboard the TARDIS.

Victoria Waterfield Deborah Watling

Victoria Waterfield - Deborah Watling

Victoria was orphaned when the Daleks murdered her father, Victorian scientist Edward Waterfield. She was often teased about her prim manner and naivety.

Zoe Herriot Wendy Padbury

Zoe Herriot - Wendy Padbury

Super-intelligent, with a degree in pure mathematics, and, on occasions, smarter then even the doctor.

Elizabeth Shaw Caroline John

Elizabeth Shaw - Caroline John

Elizabeth was a researcher at Cambridge university and was assigned as an assistant to the doctor for a short priod.

Jo Grant Katy Manning

Jo Grant - Katy Manning

Jo was a trainee-spy who managed to get a job with the doctor, but she had a knack for getting into trouble. Cute and the first attempt at making the assistant more light-hearted.

Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen

Although an assistant for the Doctor, this popular character went on to have her own series. Originally a journalist, she stowed away in the TARDIS, and was known for her curiosity and feminist views.

Leela Louise Jamesome

Leela - Louise Jamesome

At last - a non-human, which is surprising since the Doctor travelled the Universe. Leela was a sexy, but savage warrior princess, perhaps lacking in technological knowledge and experience, but she sure could handle herself!.

Romana Mary Tamm

Romana - Mary Tamm

The next assistant was a Time Lord named Romanadvoratrelundar, (or "Romana" for short). She was intelligent and sophisticated and even smarter than the doctor!

Romana 2 Lalla Ward

Romana II - Lalla Ward

Of course, all time lords have to regenerate and Roman generated into version 2, a princess.

Nyssa Sarah Sutton

Nyssa - Sarah Sutton

Nyssa was the daughter of an aristocrat.

Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding

Tegan Jovanka - Janet Fielding

I remember Tegan well, probably because of her strong Australian accent, which was still unusual on TV in the day. Tegan was an airline hostess who walked into the TARDIS thinking it actually was a police box.

Peri Nicola Bryant

Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown - Nicola Bryant

Another assistant draughted in by accident - Peri was brought into the TARDIS to recover from a near-drowning. Honestly - did the Doctor just kidnap these assistants? ?

Rose Tyler Billie Piper

Rose Tyler - Billie Piper

Rose was the first assistant to be romantically-linked with the Doctor. She was just a shop assistant who accidentally entered the world of time and space travel when she was rescued.

Martha Jones Freema Agyeman

Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman

A medical student, who also appeared in the spin-off, "Torchwood".

Astrid Peth Kylie Minogue

Astrid Peth - Kylie Minogue

Well, you can't not include a character played by Kylie Minogue, can you? Astrid was a waitress aboard a starship and another companion who developed a liking for the good Doctor.

Christine De Souza Michelle Ryan

Lady Christine De Souza - Michelle Ryan

A minor British aristocrat, Lady De Souza was a thief who caught a bus as a getaway, only to be driven into a wormhole.

Amy Pond Karen Gillian

Amy Pond - Karen Gillian

Another very desirable actress playing a fictional character in a science fiction series that just has to be included. Amy was employed as a kissogram when she met the Doctor after a twelve year wait!

Gwen Cooper Eve Myles

Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles

Strictly speaking, Gwen was a character in the spin-off, Torchwood. Recruited whilst a police officer, Gwen evolves into something of an action heroine, often making tough but sometimes dubious decisions. All done with a very sexy Welsh accent!

Clara Oswald

Clara is a bit of a mystery for the Doctor. He encounters her in three different times and planets. He spends considerable time trying to find out why. I found Clara to be quite a saucy character, somewhat elfish and cute, but playful too.

Oswin Oswald Jenna Coleman

Oswin Oswald - Jenna Coleman

Not actually a human anymore, this version of the character has been turned into a dalek, yet manages to survive by living a human fantasy as the sole survivor of a space-ship.

Clara Oswin Oswald Jenna Coleman

Clara Oswin Oswald - Jenna Coleman

In her second re-incarnation, she becomes a victorian barmaid.

Clara Oswald - Jenna Coleman

Clara Oswald - Jenna Coleman

After both previous versions die, Clara becomes a long-term companion. Originally a nanny, later a teacher, she is a cheeky and reckless character, who nevertheless showed great courage and determination.

Want more?

There are plenty of sites out there - too many to link to - just do a search...

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As a young boy, I remember Dr Who on the television and at the cinema more than any other TV programme. This is probably because it was so frightening (then) that we literally DID hide behind the sofa from the enemies. Luckily, the doctor was always accompanied on journeys and sometimes these co-time-travellers were babes!

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