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The classic sci-fi comic book, TV and film series, Flash Gordon, created two great babes, that of Dale Arden and Princess Aura, but who was the hottest babe out of the two, and which actress was the hottest of the lot - take a look! Dale is on the top, Aura on the bottom.



Probably the first character to provide mass sex appeal to the public, Dale was described as "beautiful, independent and capable. In most circumstances, Dale is well able to take care of herself and is an ideal companion for the adventuring Flash. Which is not to say that: she is unfeminine." Dale was lusted after by Ming the Merciless, as well as thousands of cinema goers, with her long blonde hair and revealing costumes. Princess Aura was the daughter of Ming and had a crush on the handsome Flash, and just a bit of jealousy towards Dale.

Jean Rogers Dale Arden Flash Gordon    

Priscilla Lawson Aura Flash Gordon



A change of personnel for the last of the 3 serials


Carol Hughes Dale Arden Flash Gordon    

Shirley Deane Princess Aura Flash Gordon.jpg


1955 (Dale only)

A change of style for Dale, who was transformed from the typical damsel in distress of the earlier serials into a trained scientist and a "quick thinker who often saved Flash and Zarkov from perishing"


Irene Champlin Dale Arden Flash Gordon.jpg



This film starred two hot babes for the leading ladies' roles. Melody Anderson was a highly intelligent woman with doctorates and degrees and a founder of social and psychological movements in the USA (strange that she took the role then!) I think she looks a bit drab until Ming gets his clutches on her and then she starts dressing up in sexier costumes. Ornella, on the other hand, looks great as Aura throughout the film and looks both sexy and sly at the same time.

Melody Anderson Dale Arden Flash Gordon.jpg

    Ornella Muti Auro Flash Gordon



I've not actually watched any of the modern Flash episodes, but the clips I have seen show Dale to be rather drab again, but she does hotten up in some episodes (I suppose that's the drawback of being a reporter, not very sexy is it?). Meanwhile, Anna Van Hooft keeps up Princess Aura's reputation in the looks department.

Gina Holden Dale Arden Flash Gordon 

  Anna Van Hooft Aura Flash Gordon.png


The winner?

Well, its a toughie, but overall I think Aura is the hottest of the two, particularly in the 1980 film, which does it for me, and there is something quite alluring and sexy about babes who venture onto the dark side. As a special treat, here's an even sexier picture of her, as played by Italian actress Ornella Mutti in the 1980 film.

Ornella Mutti Aura Flash Gordon


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