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Ahh Star Trek - what can we say about Star Trek? We could be here a long time.......on to the babes



Star Trek (1966-1969)

Played by Nichelle Nicholls, Nyota Uhura is a communications officer aboard James T Kirk's ships. She is acknowledged as being the one of the first, if not THE first characters of African descent to be shown on American Television. Another landmark was the first interracial kiss on American television in the 1968 episode "Plato's Stepchildren". Both these milestones say something about the poor state of racial equality in the 1960s, particularly in America at the time. Leggy, curvy and beautiful, with a great singing voice, Uhura was also feisty a character when aroused and one of the main cast of the TV series.



Nichelle Nicholls Uhura TOS 


Grace Lee Whitney played Yeoman Janice Rand. A very pretty character, with lovely legs and often a bizarre hairstyle. There was obviously something sexual between her and James Kirk, but we never got to see it! It was a real shame that she never lasted the series, because she is a cracker!


Grace Lee Witney Janaice Rand TOS 


In the pilot episode, The cage (1965), Susan Oliver played Vina, a character badly injured in a crash, but made to look beautiful and healthy by illusion. She appeared in a number of forms, but mainly as the human and lets not forget an Orion Slave girl.



Susan Oliver Vina TOS 

Susan Oliver Orion Slave Girl TOS 


One of the most sexiest babes in the original series was Andrea in "What are little girls made of", played by the gorgeous Sherry Jackson. Actually a robot or android created by Dr. Corby (as a play thing) - lucky bloke! She also appeared in the TV series Batman, as Pauline.

Sherry Jackson Andrea TOS 


Nancy Kovack was a popular actress in the 1960s, starring in Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie and Batman to mention just a few TV series. Here she is as Nona, a witch doctor who Kirk falls in love with due to the mingling of blood (yeah, pull the other one, Jim!), from the 1968  episode "A private Little War". Take a good look, Jim, you don't need such a pathetic excuse.




Nancy Kovack Nona TOS 


One of my personal favourites, Lois Jewell as Drusilla in "Bread and Circuses". Its hard to believe that she only ever had 2 acting roles, this one and one episode in The Flying Nun. What's worse is that there is very little information about her out there. (help please)


Lois Jewell Drusilla TOS 




In the episode "Requiem for Methuselah", Rayna Kapec was an android built by flint, an immortal man who sought an immortal woman. Unfortunately she dies just as she becomes sentient - but an intelligent and attractive android all the same, played by Louise Sorel


Louise Sorel Rayna Kapec Star Trek TOS


Yet another past conquest by Captain Kirk, Dr Helen Noel was a psychiatrist assigned with Kirk on a mission to a planet for the criminally insane. The actress, Marianna Hill, was a very pretty lady and played many roles on TV in the 1960s and 70s. Lucky for us she managed to appear in at least one sci-fi feature.


Marianna Hill Dr Helen Noel Star Trek TOS  

In "All Our Yesterdays" Mariette Hartley played Zarabeth, who had been banished to an icy past after her family conspired to kill a tyrant. Here she disrobes after meeting Spock out in the cold.


Mariette Hartley Zarabeth Star Trek TOS


A very sexy Emily Banks played Yeoman Tonia Barrow, who was romanced by Dr McCoy in the episode entitled "Shore Leave". I'm not sure if the picture is a promotional still or a fake (something I do not intend to use on this site), but until someone points out the truth it will do.


Emily Banks Yeoman Tonia Barrows Star Trek TOS


In the same episode we meet two lovely Rigelian cabaret girls.


Rigelian Cabaret Girls pink Star Trek TOS


Rigelian Cabaret Girls Yellow Star Trek TOS


Perhaps one of the prettiest sci-fi babe from the original series was Yeoman Teresa Ross, played by Venita Wolf. She was dressed in a ball gown by an alien and looked pretty good in that, but she holds her own in any uniform


Venita Wolf YeomanTeresa Ross Star Trek TOS



So Too was Philana, played here by Barbara Babcock.


Barbara Babcock Philana Star Trek TOS


Possibly the shortest time spent on a TV series, Victoria Vetri, appeared for only a few seconds ( I made it 10 seconds) as Isis, who was described as "simply my cat", in Assignment Earth. In 1968 she was chosen as  playmate of the year. A nude photo of Victoria was taken into space by Apollo 12, so the ten seconds is immaterial - she was a real sci-fi hottie!



Victoria Vetri My Cat Star Trek  

The Next Generation (1987-1994)

For me at least the most significant Sci-fi TV series since the original Star Trek (did I mention that I liked Star Trek?). The program took sci-fi to new heights with its post-production effects, regularly getting 20 million viewers a week. The show ran for 7 seasons and then spawned a series of movies..


Played by Marina Sirtis, the character Counsellor Deanna Troi, was actually auditioned for by Denise Crosby, but Roddenberry swapped them around. A little known fact about the character is that she was originally to have FOUR breasts!! Not sure if that was a good idea or not but it was dropped anyway. Another thing that was dropped was the sexy but a bit brainless character, who's main line in the early days was to inform the captain that she could feel a presence, replaced instead by a much stronger character who actually took command of the ship. Troi changed dramatically over the years, as did her look and dress, and I think she actually got sexier as she got older, too. But my favourite side of her was in the episode "Man of the People", where she becomes very seductive.


Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi STNG


Another character who improved with age was the Dr., Beverley Crusher, played by Gates McFadden. To be honest I never saw Dr. Crusher as sexy, and the picture below is the best I can do for now.


Gates McFadden Beverley Crusher STNG


Similarly, Tasha Yar was killed off a bit too early for my liking, as I'm sure her character would have developed into a babe given time. I suspect this mistake was part realised as actress Denise Crosby made the occasional return throughout the series, but as the kick-ass head of security she certainly gets a place in the Star Trek list.


Denise Crosby Tasha Yar STNG



Tasha's younger sister, Ishara, played by Beth Toussaint, I think has more Babe qualities. Ishara only appeared in one episode of the Next Generation...


Beth Toussaint Ishara Yar STNG


Jenna D'sora, played by Michele Scarabelli, was a junior security officer who fell in love with the android, Data. You'll be pleased to know that this was on the rebound and it never really took off, making her available again...


Michele Scarabelli Jenna D'Sora STNG


Christy Henshaw lived aboard the starship Enterprise and was pursued by none other than the visor-wearing la Forge. Played by Julie Warner in two episodes, Geordie finally gets his gal, and then we hear nothing of here again - weird!


Julie Warner Christy Henshaw STNG


Played by supermodel Famke Janssen of X-Men fame, and like her X-men pal, Mystique, Kamala was a metamorph (that means she could change shape to you and me. The one episode she appeared in was aptly entitled "The Perfect mate". Kamala could sense what men around her wanted in a female and would change shape to please that person...sounds like a dream come true...


Famke Janssen Kamala STN



Leah Brahms was another one of La Forge's fantasies and her role was played twice by Susan Gibley. A little-known fact is that the character was supposed to be related to Dr. Daystrom, and a black actress should have been recruited but wasn't. Susan had already been hired and so a quick script change later.... Geordie, for work reasons, recreated a holographic image of her and fell in love with the image. Unfortunately when the real Brahms visited a year later, she was cold and unfeeling. Not bad looking for a theoretical physicist and warp engine developer though, eh?


Susan Gibley Leah Brahms STNG


Another holographic image, Minuet was  created by Riker.  The holodeck chose a blonde at first, then changed her, under direction from Riker, first to a redhead and then a brunette. Wanting something more sultry, the final choice was played by Carolyn McCormick and had that glint in  the eye...


Carolyn McCormick Minuet STNG


Now explain to me how such a gorgeous and sexy character like Vash can fall in love with Picard - it doesn't make sense. Here was a female who was deceitful and unethical and would use her good looks to charm men and use them to get what she wanted - at  a profit. In fact it's exactly these attributes, coupled with obvious intelligence and natural charm that makes her so attractive. so few attractive babes play the baddies!  Played by Jennifer Hetrick, who also appeared in Buffy and X-Files, she eventually went for the more interesting Q and then end up with Quark, the Ferrenghi!! Oh well, there's obviously hope for all us mortals then..


Jennifer Hetrick Vash STNG


Another Jean-Luc ex-lover! How does he do it? The Californian actress Michelle Phillips was a member of the 1960s vocal group, the Mama and Papas, but here she played Jenice Manheim.


Michelle Phillips Jenice Manheim  STNG




Of all the Star Trek series, this one was the most disappointing for me. I didn't really get the characters or the storyline and despite numerous visits by characters from other series, it seemed the most far removed from Gene Roddenberry's original ideas. Even worse, it lacked the babe element . One notable exception is the character Dax, played by Terry Farrell. Dax is in fact a slug-like creature living in the host's abdomen, and the symbiotic relationship creates a creature that is the whole, in this case Jadzia (host) Dax (slug thing). Not so sure now I think about it, but the host is pretty anyway, so lets include her. Interesting to note that the Klingon Worf married Dax - but then Klingons like slugs don't they?


Terry Farrell Dax Star Trek DS9 



Thank God, then that Voyager wasn't too far we can indulge in babes that little bit more.....


Probably the only Klingon I will entertain as being genuinely  good looking... Torres, played by Roxann Dawson,  is half-human, half Klingon, and luckily the Klingon side is mainly in her temper and strength, not to mention a light smattering of a ridge across her forehead! There's a dark side to Torres that is somehow quite appealing.


Roxann Dawson B'Elanna Torres Star Trek Voyager 


Very few sci-fi babes are as sexy as Seven of Nine... Jeri Ryan plays a human that has been assimilated by the Borg, but is now an individual more human than Borg. Let's face it, she is a sex goddess in the Star Trek world..enough said - enjoy...



Jeri Ryan Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager 

Not the best image in the world, which I will replace when a better one comes up, but Musetta Vander, as Darren Tal in the episode "The disease" is a very worthy inclusion in our fairly scarce list of babes in voyager.


Musetta Vander Derran Tal ST Voyager

Originally I didn't include Kes, played by Jennifer Lien,  from Star Trek Voyager, but having watched the show again, I think she needs adding. The character certainly needed developing and eventually the writers ran out of ideas, replacing her wity Seven of Nine as the new "babe" of the show (and better sci-fi credentials, too!). One particularly good episode was "The disease" when Kes was overtaken by a warlord - the dark side of the character made her a lot more interesting and versatile. They should have kept it that way.

Jennifer Lien Kes ST Voyager

Now Tom Paris always fancied himself as a ladies man and wrote a holodeck program that included a volleyball team known simply as "beautiful girls". Played by Traci Murray, Michelle Edison and Adriana del Pomar.

Volleyball team Traci Murray Michele Edison Adriana del Pomar ST Voyager 

And is was also Tom who constantly referred to the Delaney sisters, Jenny and Megan, who we never saw until a holodeck novel introduced them. But we didnt actually get Jenny and Megan, but rather Demonica and Malicia, the Twin Mistresses of Evil. Played by real-life twins Heidi Kramer Moss and Alissa Kramer.

Heidi Kramer Moss Alissa Kramer Delaney sisters ST Voyager

ENTERPRISE (2001-2005)

There are literally thousands of images of the actress/model Jolene Blalock on the internet ( I should know, I've seen most of them!), and who can deny that she is an incredibly sexy woman? But here we are concerned with the character Sub Commander T'pol, the Vulcan representative aboard the starship. In fact, I have found the T'pol character from the mirror universe to be far sexier, as she oozes sexuality and is decidedly manipulative, using her sexual qualities to get her own way...ooh and I'm a sucker for the original uniform and I think the long hair does her credit!


Jolene Blalock T'Pol Enterprise  


Quite apart from T'Pol, we also have linguist/communications officer Hoshi Sato, played by the South Korean-born Linda Park.



Linda Park Hoshi Sato Enterprise 


Then we have from one single episode, called "Two days and two night", two beautiful aliens, Dee'Ahn and Latia, played by Donna Marie Recco and Dawn Stern. In actual fact they are shapeshifters and only take on this gorgeous form to lure a couple of officers from the enterprise down a cellar!


Donna Marie Recco,Dee'Ahn and Dawn Stern Latia Enterprise 


Finally, we couldn't leave Star Trek without giving Orion Slave Girls a brief mention. In particular, the slave girl in the episode "Borderland",  played by  Bobi Sue Luther. She is so worth lusting after and has the most incredible sexual aura that Orion slave girls apparently exude. They are said to be irresistible, and this one certainly is mesmerising...


Orion Slave Girls Enterprise


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