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Alice - Resident Evil Films


Despite having many critics, this Film series is the highest grossing franchise based on a computer game. Sadly it is set to end in 2017!

Alice, the main character, is something of a superhero, and the stories are generally about her struggles with the Umbrella Corporation.



Resident Evil (2002)

When first meet Alice, she is awaking from the effects of nerve gas and amnesia. She's been sleeping in the shower again and uses the curtain as her sheet - weird stuff. Scantily clad (as became the general format), she is later rescued by an elite team who have been sent in to deal with the usual zombie mob, but not just yet - you just don't fight zombies in the nude! Somehow Alice manages to find some clothes - and guess what - its a very short and flimsy dress and some ass-kicking knee-length boots!


Alice Resident Evil 2002b


The film is blessed with another beauty - a member of the elite squad called Rain - played by Michelle Rodriguez. Both girls kick zombie ass throughout the film and we get to see a lot of Alice's flesh and Rain's guns!


Rain Resident Evil 2002





Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

We didn't have to wait long for the next film, in fact it started shooting just a year after Resident Evil became a hit.


Alice falls asleep again and wakes up again - this time from a coma. Mind you, she was the sole survivor of the Hive, where the zombies had been created, so who would begrudge her a little beauty sleep!


After managing to put a doctor's shirt coat on, she again somehow manages to find some clothes. Unfortunately, the clothes are a bit torn, so we end up seeing lots of flesh again.


Alice Resisent Evil Apocalypse



As in the first film, we are again blessed with another beauty - this time a foil for Alice in the shape of Jill Valentine, played by Sienna Guillory.


Sienna Guillory Jill Valentine Resident Evil Apocalypse


Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Guess what? - Yes Alice wakes up in a deserted mansion - she's been sleeping again!


And then she dies!


Don't worry - it isn't the real Alice, just a clone. The real Alice is walking the desert, trying to get away from the zombie apocalypse


Alice Resident Evil Extinction 


As you can see, Alice has got her best desert gear on, including stockings and a nice scarf! She also managed to improve on her weapon selection, with two powerful machine guns.


Meanwhile, in the desert we also have Claire Redfield, played by Ali Larter.


Claire Redfield Ali Larter Resident Evil Extinction


Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Lots of Alices in this film, as she gets her many clones to help her destroy the Umbrella headquarters. The opening scene of this film, to me at least, turns into the matrix, and Alice suddenly becomes a female version of Neo. For a start, there's all that bullet holes in the wall stuff, and Alice kicks every ass in the room with precision and style (and a lot of blood), using newly-found superpowers, including some neat martial arts! Even the soundtrack is very matrixy. No problem for me, as I am a big fan of the matrix films and their style. Alice shows off her superpowers and skill throughout this film, but particularly at the beginning and end - great action!


Alice Resident Evil Afterlife 


Anyway, a change of clothes into a very tight-fitting one-piece spandex.. Incredibly sexy, but the best is yet to come.


Claire returns in this film, looking pretty much as we left her.


Claire Redfield Ali Larter Resident Evil Afterlife2 


Jill's back as well, but this time she's controlled by a red beetle-necklace and boy does she look sexy too, with a change in hair colour and more tight-fitting spandex, showing just a bit more cleavage than before...


Sienna Guillory Jill Valentine Resident Evil Afterlife


But there's even more babe material than before in Afterlife, because we also have champion swimmer Crystal Waters, played by Kacey Barnfield. Unfortunately she dies in the attempt to get to the underwater armoury - a shame!


Kacey Barnfield Crystal Waters Resident Evil Afterlife


Resident Evil: Retribution  (2012)

The film starts in true gore as a passer-by gets his face eaten by a J Pop girl, played by Mika Nakashima


Mika Nakashima Jpop Girl Resident Evil Afterlife



For me the sexiest outfit - skin-tight and it looks like Mila has trimmed up a little (not that she needed to!) to fit into it perfectly.

Alice Resident Evil Retribution


Oh and Jill looks good in her tight outfit too!



Sienna Guillory Jill Valentine Resident Evil Retribution


And a new character, Ada Wong, played by Li Bingbing.


Li Bingbing Ada Wong Resident Evil Retribution


There's just one more to go - Resident Evil - The Final Chapter (2017).

Here Alice returns to Racoon City where it all began. Alas it's the last we will see of Mila in the role - but will there be more in this money-spinning franchise? Who knows. Well here she is for the last time. Aptly aided by Clare Redfield (Ali Larter) and a new very welcome addition to these pages - bad ass babe, Abigail, played by Ruby Rose.

Alice Resident Evil The Final Chapter.jpg

Ali Larter Clare Redfield REsident Evil The Final Chapter.png

Ruby Rose Abigail Resident Evil The Last Chapter





Resident Evil - Video Games


There are a lot of very sexy characters in the games. Here are just some of them...



Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine Resident Evil Game


Rachael Foley

Rachael Foley Resident Evil Game


Jessica Sherawat

Jessica Sherawat Resident Evil Game


Excella Gionne

Excella Gionne Resident Evil Game

Sheva Alomar

Sheva Alomar Resident Evil Game


Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield Resident Evil Game










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