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I may have given Dr Who a bad press earlier, but considering it is the World's longest running sci-fi TV series, you would expect more babe content.



Dr Who (1963-1989) and (2005-)

The original series started way back in 1963 and it took until the 5th companion to get something resembling a babe, with Jean Marsh as a space security agent from the 40th century - Sarah Kingdom.



Jean Marsh Sarah Kingdom Dr Who 1 


Towards the end of the first series, a new companion was found, this time Anneke Wills as Polly, a hip 1960s chick..


Anneke Wills Polly Dr Who 1 and 2 


Next up was Victoria Waterfield, played by Deborah Watling. Victoria was the fragile daughter of a 19th century scientist.



Deborah Watling  Victoria Waterfield Dr Who 2 

Wendy Padbury played super intelligent Zoe Heriot, who at the age of 15 joined the doctor. She has good scifi babe qualifications - a degree in pure mathematics and a photographic memory.


Wendy Padbury Zoe Heriot Dr Who 2


Another cutie, Katy Manning played Jo Grant


Katy Manning Jo Grant Dr Who 3


Sarah Jane Smith was a regular companion on the show and returned later and even had her own spin-off TV series. Elisabeth Sladen played the investigative journalist who went on to save the Earth from alien attack time after time... Here's a picture of her in the early years.



Elisabeth Sladen Sarah Jane Smith Dr Who 3 and 4 and 10 


We met Leela earlier, but why not have another picture of her?


Louise Jameson Leela Dr Who 4 



Romana was actually played by 2 actresses, but I prefer the Mary Tamm version


Mary Tamm Romana Dr Who 4




A few companions later, we meet Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown, a young botanist who wants to see the universe.


Nicola Bryant Peri Brown Dr Who 5 and 6 


I suppose I should include Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.


Sarah Sutton Nyssa Dr Who 4 and 5  


How could I fail to include Kylie Minogue as Astrid Peth, a waitress on the starship Titanic.


Kylie Minogue Astrid Peth Dr Who 10


Next we have the aristocratic thief and adrenaline junkie, Lady Christina De Souza played by Michelle Ryan...


Michelle Ryan Lady Christina  De Souza Dr Who 10 and 11 


Freema Agyeman, a medical student, who later appeared in the Torchwood spin-off. played Martha Jones


Freema Agyeman Martha Jones Dr Who 10 


Karen Gillan returns to our pages, this time as companion Amy Pond


Karen Gillan Amy Pond Dr Who 11


And finally, sweet-looking Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, who actually lived in 3 different time periods


Jenna Coleman Clara Oswald Dr Who 11 and 12 



But this is my favourite picture of her from the series 8 episode, "Robot of Sherwood), along with Leela, probably the sexiest of all the characters.


Jenna Coleman2 Clara Oswald Dr Who 11 and 12 


The series did spawn 3 films .....the less said about those, the better....



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