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Scifibabes of the 2000s - films


As you will see this decade more than other gave us a feast of babes as the number of sci-fi films continued to get bigger and better. With Avatar, we entered the digital world proper and I look forward to the next decade in the expectation that the actress may well be replaced by the computer-generated babe, in which case this site will come to an end (although i may have to start a new one!)


Who would have thought we would be including Jennifer Lopez on these pages as a Sci-fi babe! Well, as Catherine Deane, in The Cell (2000), this lovely lady plays a social worker who is able to work her way into the mind of a serial killer who is in a coma. Tricky business, really as you could get caught up in all that mess... mind-tripping to say the least. Anyway it is a pleasure to have our pages adorned by this Latin beauty.


Jennifer Lopez Catherine Deane The Cell.gif


The decade gets even better as we move on to the first showing of the X-Men (2000) franchise. An abundance of leather, special skills and make the heroines difficult to choose between...Is it Jean Grey, played by Famke Jansenn or Storm, a role  which I think is one of Halle Berry's best. Then of course you can opt for Anna Paquin's Rogue and last bust not least the cute and cuddly Kitty, played by Sumela Kay... have a look to refresh your memory.


Famke Janssen Jean Grey X-Men 



Halle Berry Storm X-Men 


Anna Paquin Rogue X-Men


Sumela Kay Kitty X-Men

Well, we still have to consider shape-shifter villainess Mystique...Rebecca Romjin-Stamos does it for me every time. Blue skinned and scaly, what a combination!

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Mystique X-Men 


In Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), Dr. Aki Ross wasn't actually human, but that didn't stop Maxim magazine rating her as one of the most sexiest women ever! (Got a feeling Lara Croft got a mention somewhere too!) Made up of 400,00 polygons and each of her 60,000 hairs rendered individually, she is the most realistic computer-generated women to appear on the big screen at the time. She's included just for the sheer sci-fi-or-is-it-real effect...

Ak Rossi Final Fantasy The Spirits Within.jpg 


I really like Estella Warren. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a great physique, obviously developed during her synchronised swimming days (she won the Canadian national championship 3 times!). As Daena in Planet of the Apes (2001), she didn't have to do much but look glamorous, which she did pretty well overall.



Estella Warren Daena Planet of the Apes


I'm not a big fan of the film Vanilla Sky (2001), and certainly not it's sci-fi status, but I do have to admit that it has one of the hottest babes playing a key role. Julianna Gianni, played by Cameron Diaz  graces our pages.


Cameron Diaz Julianna Gianni VanillaSky 


It isn't often we get Zombies appearing in sci-fi, it's usually the domain of the Horror genre. Mind you, if experience serves me right, they don't usually live for long - especially if you happen to be called Alice or Rain! These two kick zombie ass like there's no tomorrow in Resident Evil (2002) and the sequels, but this is the first of the films to spawn from the computer game of the same name. Here's Rain, but click on the link to visit the Alice special.


Michelle Rodriguez Rain Resident Evil


Alice Banner



More shape shifting from Sarleena in Men in Black II (2002). Problem here is that when she isn't the raven-haired lingerie model, she's actually a plant-like hydra and quite nasty! We don't see much of Lara Flynn Boyle in sci-fi, which is a shame because she is a cert in this genre.


Lara Flynn Boyle Sarleena Men in Black 


There's definitely something girl-next-door about Kirsten Dunst in her portrayal of Mary Jane Watson in the Spiderman (2002) film series. She's got a cheeky smile and fiery red hair, but I can't help feeling its a role that could have been cast differently with better's the scene in the rain - if you know what I mean...


Kirsten Dunst MJ Spiderman 


Italian sex goddess Monica Bellucci made a welcome addition to the cast of The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and Revolutions as the aptly named Persephone. This babe is a knockout, especially in those tight and revealing leather dresses she wears!




Monica Bellucci Persephone The Matrix Reloaded 


When I first saw The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), I didn't really see it from a sci-fi babe point of view as I just enjoyed what I thought was a good character performance by Vin Diesel and Karl Urban. But the next few times I watched it, Kyra really grew on me, and it's a tragedy that the character, played by Alexa Davalos, was killed off! Kyra is one of the best kick-ass babes there is, with her gymnastic style fighting and athletic build.


Alexa Davalos Kyra The Chronicles of Riddick 



the IMDb includes The Stepford Wives (2004) as Sci-fi so the characters need including here. Just as well because its a reason to include Nicole Kidman, who I think is sooo gorgeous that I would have found a way to include her anyway! She plays the "normal" Joanna Eberhart, who learns of the terrible secret in the town of Stepford.


Nicole Kidman Joanna Eberhart Stepford Wives


I was surprised but happy to discover that Blade Trinity (2004) was listed as sci-fi on IMdB. Happy because it meant I could list Jessica Biel's character, Abigail Whistler. Abby falls into the kick-ass category, or more accurately, kick-vampire-ass category. I can only imagine that Jessica trained for the film, as she appeared very fit, with nicely toned muscles and the fighting scenes were convincing. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Abby put on her earphones and listened to her mp3 player whilst fighting. Here she is...

Jessica Biel Abigail Whistler Blade

Now, I've seen Aeon Flux (2005) a few times and I still can't get over the genius of the casting of Charlize Theron in the film. Normally a preferred, but gorgeous none-the-less, blonde, she transformed into the dark-haired spandex-wearing Aeon.



Charleze Theron Aeon Aeon flux  


Wow the list in this decade just gets better and better. No more so than Jessica Alba as Sue Storm in The Fantastic Four (2005). She looks pretty cute as Sue, but put her into a tight blue spandex one-piece and I can't think of anyone sexier (shame she has to become invisible sometimes).


Jessica Alba Sue Storm Fantastic Four 



I loved The Island (2005) mainly for some great performances, but seeing Scarlett Johansson as Jordan 2 Delta is a good reason to watch it again...she just oozes sex appeal and her on-screen relationship with Lincoln 6 Echo is electric.



Scarlett Johansson Jordan-Two Delta 


..and how hot is the announcer in the film? Noa Tishby is an Israeli-born supermodel who even managed an episode of Star Trek Enterprise as Corporal Amanda Cole (you'll see her later). Believe me, this picture does not do her incredible looks justice - go and search for images of the woman herself.



Noa Tishby Community Announcer The Island 


More of the beautiful Ukrainian Milla Jovovich, this time as Violet Song jat Shariff in Ultraviolet (2006). She plays a fairly similar role to her other films, but more sword swash-buckling in this one.



Milla Jovovich Song Jat SharriffUltraviolet 


Here's Tracey O'Connor, playing Gwen Hunter in Girl with Gun (2006). She appears to be an ordinary working girl, but leads a double life as The Nightingale, an assassin who just won't let the innocent get crushed.


Tracey O'Connor Gwen Hunter Girl with Gun 2006


I haven't seen Resiklo (2007), but whilst researching for 2010 films, I came across this Philipino film and saw a character called Bianca, played by Jennylyn Mercado. I had to include her instantly.


Jennylyn Mercado  Bianca Resikl 2007



At first Megan Fox's character in Transformers (2007), Mikaela Banes, seems like the proverbial piece of eye candy. That she certainly is, but there's more to the character than that. A skilled mechanic, biker and jock dropper, she turns out to be a lot cooler than a lot of babes out there. Whatever you think of the character, she sure is hot!



Megan Fox Mikaela Banes Transformers 


Most people will probably forget, but Megan has competition on the shape of sexy Australian Rachael Taylor, playing the computer genius Maggie Masden.I have to admit I am a sucker for that accent, but she is a looker too.


Rachel Taylor Maggie Masden Transformers 


Yet for me the sexiest character of them all is a deception/pretender - Alice, played by another Australian, Isabel Lucas in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009). Quite apart from being incredibly alluring, she has a metal tongue and a tail!


Isobel Lucas Alice Transformers 


Continuing with toys, another extremely sensual babe is the femme fatale of the Cobra, aka the Baroness. In GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra (2009), where Sienna Miller she plays the ruthless villainess.


Sienna Miller The Baroness Gi Joe Rise of the Cobra 


Not to be outdone, Rachel Nichols is perfect as her antithesis, kick-ass Agent Scarlett.

Rachel Nicholls Agent Scarlett GI Joe The Rise of the Cobra


Rachel Nichols returned very quickly to our screens in the long-awaited Star Trek (2009) prequel as the red-haired Orion cadet, Gaila. There's something about green women, especially the Orion women of Star Trek...


Rachel Nicols Gaila Star Trek Reboot


Personally I am not a big fan of Zoe Saldana, and I didn't at all like what the makers of the film did to Uhura's character, but she does appear to attract attention from some quarters so I will bow to popularity and include her here..


Zoe Saldana Uhura Star Trek Reboot 


I never really considered Gwyneth Paltrow as a babe until she played Pepper Potts in Iron Man (2008), but she proved me wrong...


Gwyneth Paltrow Pepper Potts Iron Man  


We have another spandex-wearing babe. This time its Silk Spectre II, played by Malin Akermann in Watchmen (2009).

  Malin Akerman Spectre 2 Watchmen

I actually missed Terminator Salvation (2009) first time round - so here's Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams.


Moon Bloodgood Blair Wiliams Terminator Salvation

To show I have nothing personal against Zoe Saldana (on whom the character is based), and as a mark of appreciation for the digital masterpiece that is Avatar (2009), here is Neytiri...



  Zoe Saldana Neytiri Avatar


 In X-Men origins: Wolverine (2009), Lynn Collins played Kayla Silverfox and Tahnya Toxzzi played Emma Frost. More comments when I get round to seeing the film...


Lynn Collins Kayla Silverfox X-Men Origins



Tahnya Toxzzi Emma Frost X-Men Origins


I was recently watching Pandorum (2009) and researching for the site when an amazing co-incidence happened...I was looking at this picture at exactly the same time as it appeared in the film. SO here is Antje Traue as Nadia.


Antje Traue Nadia Pandorum


Not a film I have seen, But Meisa Kiroki (real name Satsuki Shimabukuro) played Lucifer in Assault Girls (2009).


Meisa Kuroki Gray Assault Girls 2009 



Gosh - I had already signed off when I totally forgot about Gigolo Jane, from AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001), played by the increasingly popular Ashley Scott. She only had one line in the film, but the costume is too hot to miss...



  Ashley Scott Gigolo Jane AI Artificial Intelligence



Scifibabes of the 2000s - TV


Similar situation to the 1990s here - there are so many TV series to research (and that means watching them again) that I will make a start, based on what I can remember, and then update this page when I have (a great deal of) time.


ANDROMEDA (2000-2005)

It's great to see the influence of Gene Roddenberry continue on our TV sets. Andromeda is based on ideas he had back in the 1970s.


Lexa Doig, too had links with  Roddenberry's other projects. Here she plays the artificial intelligence, Andromeda Ascendant, and her avatar, android Rommie. Definitely the hottie of this Canadian series, Rommie has more emotion than the AI and for obvious reasons sees a lot more action.


Lexa Doig Rommie Andromeda 


Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine is much more hard-nosed and occasionally steps over the line to the wrong side of the law, but that's what we want to see, the odd bad streak here and there.


Lisa Ryder Beka Valentine Andromeda


Now, I don't really do alien women, but there are exceptions, and Trance Gemini is one of them. Played by Laura Bertram, it must be her ears!


Laura Bertram Trance Gemini Andromeda 


When the android Rommie was destroyed, Harper the engineer used some of her parts to create another android, Doyle, played by former playmate, Brandy Ledford, who interestingly became a devout Christian after the public release of a sex tape. Doyle is more human even than Rommie, and actually doesn't find out about her origin until much later in the series. I actually think the character is sexier than the rest. But then again... I'll have to watch this series again, I think.


Brandy Ledford Doyle Andromeda 




Although Number Six has appeared in different manifestations, it is the statuesque and incredibly sexy, platinum-haired version that Tricia Helfer plays which catches the eye. The character herself is more than just eye candy, though, ranging from being seductive to regretful to highly religious and an evolutionary advance on the original cylon from Caprica. There's not many babes sexier than this seductive creature.


Tricia Helfer Number Six Battlestar Galactica 


Not to be totally outdone, we also have Boomer/Athena/Number 8. Played by Grace Park, part Korean, part American, but actually a Canadian (work it out for yourself!), she oozes babe-ness. Before realising that she is in fact a cylon, she shows great compassion for the human race and meets her demise after disclosing secrets to save the life of a human.



Grace Park Boomer Battlestar Galactica 


One of the drawbacks of being strict about the sci-fi criteria is that, sometimes, a babe is missed off the list - but the possibility of having any crossover section to this site has occurred to me a number of times. Lucy Lawless is such an actress in question, but thanks to a visitor who pointed out that she played Number 3, or D'Anna Biers in Battlestar, I can now include her.



Lucy Lawless D'Anna Biers Battlestar Galactica 



CLEOPATRA 2525 (2000-2001)

A very fit looking Victoria Pratt plays Sarge, who belonged to a group called the Dwarks (honestly). She had it pretty rough when she first joined the underground and this turned her into the kick-ass thug-turned-heroine who helps the others to defeat the Baileys.


Susan Pratt Sarge Cleopatra 2525 



Hmm... The basic premise of the series is that Cleo, an exotic dancer, has a failed boob job, goes into a coma, put in cryo sleep and wakes up in the year 2525. Remember the song from the 1960s by Zager and Evans? The main character was played by the very sexy Jennifer Sky, so I'm not really complaining.



Jennifer O'Neil Cleo Andromeda 


DARK ANGEL (2000-2002)

If I've been guilty of harping on about how sexy Tricia Helfer was as Number Six, then I will be as equally vocal about Jessica Alba, particularly  as Max Guevera. Max is a genetically enhanced transgenic super soldier (or x-5 for short), who escapes with others and leads an underground life and a double life as a messenger, until she is able to free the other x-5s. Alba had only just turned 21 when she made this, her first entry into sci-fi, unless I am mistaken, and some 4-5 years before she became Sue storm. She's often criticised for her acting ability, and is sexy enough to get a way with it, but I think she does a fair job here..


Jessica Alba Max Guevera Dark Angel 


So Batman and Catwoman DID have something going on!! I knew it and I don't blame batman for one second. The offspring was the Huntress, or Helena Kyle, played by Ashley Scott (shame she was the only one, I mean, cats normally have litters, don't they?).


Ashley scott Helena Kyle Birds of Prey


Barbara Gordon (AKA batgirl - see 1960s TV ) was zapped by that dastardly fiend the Joker in the line of duty Gotham city, leaving her paralysed, which meant she couldn't kick ass anymore. However, as a computer expert, now known as the Oracle, she fights crime from a different angle. I prefer Dina Meyer as Batgirl, even though she only made brief appearances in flashbacks. This is despite the fact that the Joker did  kick her ass, but she gave it her best shot and lets face it a tight leather costume is no match for a lightning bolt!


Dina Meyer Batgirl Birds of Prey 


Another offspring, this time of the Black Canary, Dinah Redmond completes up the team. She's inherited her mother 's telepathic abilities, particularly telekinesis, which means she can throw you across the room simply by waving her hand! Rachel Skarsten plays the character



Rachel Skarsten Black Canary Birds of Prey  


FIREFLY (2002-2003)

Now I will be honest and say that I missed this series, but I am, in the sole interest of research (honest) watching it through from the start. I haven't seen a lot of it, so I'll just update this page when I've seen it....



Morena Baccarin as Irana Serra


Morena Baccarin Inara Serra Firefly


Summer Glau as River Tam


Summer Glau River Tam Firefly


MUTANT X 2001-2004

Wow this TV series was just full of babes..lets have a look at some of them..


Shalimar Fox, as the name implies has the abilities of a "feline feral". Well actually more cat-like than fox-like I guess, but don't tell the makers of the show, will you? Victoria Pratt makes a welcome return to our screens to portray the character.


Victoria Pratt Shalimar Fox Mutant X 


Lexa Pierce, played by Karen Cliche as a chromatic molecular (she can fire lasers out of her fingers!)


Karen Cliche Lexa Pierce Mutant X 


ENTERPRISE (2001-2005)

Go to the Star Trek Special page >>




I suppose Teyla makes it into the collection, just. Born Rachel Zawadi Luttrell, this Tanzanian-born actress is certainly a looker, but is starting to show her age (sorry, but its true).


Rachel Zawadi Luttrell Teyla Stargate Atlantis



V (2009-2011)

I've tried to watch this as I enjoyed the original so much, but found it to be disappointing. The only babe I have seen is the Visitor Lisa, played by the very pretty Laura Vandervoort. I'll catch up with it sometime and update this section, as I'm sure I'm not doing it justice..By the way, Laura also played in Mutant X and Smallville (see below)




Laura Vandervoort Lisa V




Cameron Philips, played by Summer Glau, is undoubtedly the babe of the show, and if I had the choice between Cameron and Arnie as my protector, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Cameron. As hard as nails, this one is extremely hot!


Summer Glau Cameron Phillips Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Not to be outdone, though, the more mature, but still very sexy-looking Sarah Connor. Now I know there's a debate about who is the best Sarah Connor, Lena Headey who plays Sarah in the Chronicles, or Linda Hamilton from the films. I've already stated that I think Linda was too athletic (although I fully understand that it make her a more credible character), I still find Lena far sexier and still credible enough to play the character. After all, with Cameron around, you won't be expecting to take the terminators on all by yourself, will you? It's my preference, you may have your own and that's okay by me...


Lena Heady Sarah Connor Terminator  The Sarah Connor Chronicles


DR WHO (2005-)

 Rose Tyler was a feisty young female. Her working-class background is probably the only one ever explored in the series.  Maybe she was naive to join the doctor when asked, but who would turn down the prospect of adventures in time and space? Well played by Billy Piper, who made a very successful transition from pop star to actress. Go and see the Doctor Who special page >>


Billie Piper Rose Tyler Doctor Who


TORCHWOOD (2006-2011)

At least the spin-off from Dr. Who gave a us a real babe! Well, that's my opinion, when I talk about Gwen Cooper, copper-turned mega agent. I've tried to think Why find Eve Myles' character so sexy, and I think its actually the lovely musical welsh accent she has! Beautiful!



Eve Myles Gwen Cooper Torchwood


SANCTUARY (2008-2011)

I can't believe that I never got round to watching this TV series - it has got so many babes it's untrue! Whilst I don't really rate Amanda Tapping in the lead role, there are more than enough to include here...


To start with, it's about time we had a mermaid on these pages! Here's Amanda May as The Mermaid.


Amanda May Mermaid Sanctuary


For me the sexiest character was Emilie Ullerup as Ashley Magnus.


Emilie Ullerup Ashley Magnus Sanctuary


But it's a close one, with Iranian-Canadian Beauty and former Miss universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz as Kali, here in the bath.


Sahar Biniaz Kali Sanctuary


And finally, Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander.


Agam Darshi Kate Freelander Sanctuary 


HEROES (2006-2010)

Heroes, too, had a good number of scifi heroines...Here's Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet.


Hayden Panettiere Claire Bennett  Heroes


Ali Larter returns to these pages, this time as Nikki Sanders...


Ali Larter Nikki Sanders Heroes



And finally here's Dawn Oliveri as Lydia, The Painted Lady in this Maxim shoot, tattooed.


Dawn Olivieri Lydia Heroes





RED DWARF (2009)
Hmm talking of accents....  After ten years this comedy series made a three-part come back. The usual characters were there of course, but an exciting new one (who just happened to be a babe!), called Katerina Bartikovsky, appeared. Played by Sophie Winkleman, she had an outrageously sexy Russian accent and the rest of wasn't bad either!



Sophie Winkleman Katerina BartiKovsky Red Dwarf


DOLLHOUSE (2009-2010)

Eliza Dushku as Echo.


Eliza Dushku Echo Dollhouse


SMALLVILLE (2001-2011)

Lois Lane has always been a character worthy of a mention. She is a good friend of superman and gets up to all sorts of scrapes in her role as news reporter for the Daily Planet. As the latest version of Lois, Erica Durance is visually stunning!


Erica Durance Lois Lane Smallville


And finally - lets finish with Smallville and the visual treat that is Supergirl or Kara Kent, played by the very gorgeous Laura Vandervoort...



Laura Vandervoort Supergirl Smallville


Hmmm......just before we move on, I've noted something weird. Whilst you have the obvious sci-fi creation zones of USA, the UK and to  a lesser extent other countries in Europe, it was in the late 1900s and 2000s that saw a massive change in geography - to Canada!. Look at these examples, all made in Canada: Andromeda, Dark Angel, Mutant X, Stargate Universe, Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville - need I go on?  And what about the actresses? Well for a start; Lexa Doig, Tricia Helfer, Lisa Ryder, Laura Vandervoort, Victoria Pratt, Erica Durance.....




>>On to Sci-fi babes of the 2010s  




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