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Scifibabes of the 1980s - films


Saint Exmin was a Valkyrie warrior, a rather pushy but adventurous type who tags along for the ride in the usual good vs. evil storyline. She was played by the incredibly sexy Sybil Danning and if you haven't seen the film then the clip below will give you a good idea. The film, Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) gave James Cameron, who was originally hired as a model maker but took over the special effects and is rumoured to have had a massive impact in the direction of the film, his break in movies.



Sybil Danning St Exmin Battle Beyond the Stars


I mentioned in the 1970s that we would meet Dorothy Stratten again, and wow, here she is. She plays the lead role in Galaxina (1980) as the female android, surprisingly called Galaxina. She is a robot, but teaches herself to talk and reprogramme herself so that she can fall in love with the captain. Its a spoof of several films including Alien, Star Trek and Star Wars. You can catch it on the WWW so give it a go...


Dorothy Stratton Galaxina Galaxina


A new Flash Gordon (1980) film was out this year, with a new dale Arden and Princess Aura, both of whom I covered earlier. 

>>go here for Dale Arden vs. Aura page



In Saturn 3 (1980) sex goddess Farah Fawcett-Majors, who if you didn't know was in Charlie's Angels (then you haven't lived), played Alex, part of a scientific team living on one of Saturn's moons. She was living in peace with her lover, gorging on ample fruit and veg they had grown whilst Earth starved. Whilst taking a dreaming pill, Alex appears in a sexy outfit that I personally think doesn't work.  Anyway, it was cut from the film, although still used as publicity.



Farah Fawcett Alex Saturn 3.jpg

Sci-fi babes are most often super heroines but from time o time we come across some really nasty pieces of work. One such super-bitch is Ursa, played by Sarah Douglas in Superman II (1980). She is the second in command of the three from the phantom zone and General Zod's consort.

Sarah Douglas Ursa Superman 2 


Not known for her sci-fi appearances, it's great to be able to find that Susan Dey, better known from the Partridge Family, playing a lead role in Looker (1981). As Cindy Fairmont, she plays a model who is digitally scanned to appear in advertisements. It is the first film to attempt to digitally create a character in a film, just before Tron. At the time I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world - and I wasn't wrong!

Susan Dey Cindy Fairmont Looker 


One of the best and most influential sci-fi films of all time, Bladerunner (1982) had a number of gorgeous babes, all of which weren't real humans, but replicants.


First of all we have Pris, a "basic pleasure model", played by Darryl Hannah. In the film, she ambushes Deckard (the Bladerunner) and puts up a pretty mean and acrobatic fight against him. She is, however, no match for a futuristic and powerful gun and meets a violent death.


Daryl Hannah Pris Bladerunner 


Then we have Zhora, a special-ops assassin model played by Joanna Cassidy. She spent most of the time hiding away, masquerading as an exotic dancer with (replicant) a side-show of writhing snakes. Guess what? She meets a violent death too - shame eh?


Joanna Cassidy Zhora Bladerunner 


..and of course the main female character, Rachel, played by Sean Young. Rachel was the love interest in the film, if you haven't seen it, and was also a replicant. Stylish and intelligent, she was "special" - meaning that she didn't have the curtailed life-span of other replicants - and fled with Deckard to start a new life.




Originally, I wasn't going to include the Rachel character, mainly because the other two had such a sexual impact, buy having seen the film again I realise that her character was more emotional than physical, so I thought "why not?"



Sean Young Rachel Bladerunner 



The Mad Max films were enjoying great success in the late 1970s and early 80s and there were no end of copy cats. One such rip-off was The New Barbarians (1982). In it, Anna Kanakis, an Italian actress, played Alma.  She was crowned Miss Italy at the very young age of 15 and was still only 20 when she appeared in this film


Anna Kanakis Alma The New Barbarians 


Despite not appearing in the remake of Tron (1982), Cindy Morgan's character, Yori, was an important part in the original as a friend of Tron's. Considered groundbreaking at the time, the computer animations were created on a computer with only 2MB of memory! Mostly helmet-wearing, I think she looks great in this promotional picture.


Cindy Morgan Yori Tron 


Not on the wiki list, Krull (1983) features Lysette Anthony as Lyssa, the princess who's child will inevitably rule the universe....providing she stays alive long enough!  Strange how the wiki list missed it, it was a big film in the 1980s and has attained cult status amongst many followers. I suppose it means I will have to continue adding to the wiki listings over time.  And it doesn't even feature in the IMDb main listing as sci-fi, but under the lower genre tagging! So it is a fantasy film, but as a Star Wars knock-off it is most definitely sci-fi.


Lysette Anthony Alyssa Krull


I wasn't sure if Supergirl, played by Helen Slater, in Supergirl (1984) was good enough to make the list at first, but having watched the movie again, I was wrong to initially exclude her. Kara Zor-el, as she is correctly known, is an iconic character from the world of DC and requires inclusion without second thought.


Helen Slater Supergirl Supergirl

One of my favourite sci-fi films of the era was Cocoon (1985), a film I've watched many times over. It wasn't until I researched the film in detail that I realised that Kitty, the beautiful Antarean alien, was played by Tahnee welch, who is the daughter of Raquel Welch. This image is taken from the pool scene with Steve Guttenburg, but I wish I could find one of her in her scuba outfit!


Tahnee Welch Kitty Cocoon 


For some reason we have been able to avoid the Mad Max franchise, but no more! I'm not a massive Tina Turner fan, but as Aunty Enity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, (1985) she plays a true sci-fi babe, glamorous in that costume and snarling with ruthlessness...


Tina Turner Aunty Eity Mad Max


In Weird Science (1985), a couple of lads throw together a few bits and bobs, including a Barbie doll and hack into a government computer to create their own perfect woman. The result is Lisa, played by the very sexy Kelly LeBrock. Now if only MY computer could do that sort of thing.... Kelly was an incredibly sought-after model and played a couple of roles as "The perfect woman", in this and The lady in Red, which is not Sci-fi so you can look it up yourself! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Lisa.


Kelly LeBrock Lisa Weird Science  


The jury is still out, as far as I am concerned, as to whether Geena Davis really can play a sexy character. In her two main sci-fi attempts,  Veronica Quaife in The Fly (1986), and Valerie Gail in Earth Girls are Easy (1988), she doesn't quite hit the mark (although in some scenes, as Valerie Gail, in Earth Girls perhaps close). In the latter, the role was turned down by Madonna.

Geena Davis Veronica Quaife The Fly



Geena Davis Valerie Earth Girls Are Easy 


Well, if a couple of young geeks can do it, it must be possible to manufacture these perfect women. such was the case in Cherry 2000 (1987). Here the last remaining model of the Cherry series, played by the beautiful Pamela Gidley, develops a fault and needs repairing...unfortunately its a limited edition model.



Pamela Gidley Cherry Cherry 2000 


Now in the same film, Melanie Griffith played Edith Johnson, a tracker who was hired to find spare parts for the android, and tackles various bad-asses in "The Zone". There's a moral to the story, that a "real" woman is actually made of flesh and bone, and not built from silicon chips (phew got the spelling right on that one!). I thought she was pretty hot too, in a very different way, so we get to include her too, lucky us!



Mel Griffiths Edith Johnson Cherry 2000 

From time to time we witness other genres tipping into sci-fi and it's good to see that comedy can be successful as sci-fi. This is just as well, as we wouldn't be seeing Kim Basinger, as Celeste Martin in My Stepmother is an Alien (1988), even though it was Shelley Long, and not Kim, who was first cast in this role.



Kim Basinger Celeste Martin My Stepmother is an Alien 

She also appeared as Vicki Vale in Batman (1989) that's a bit better!



Kim Basinger Vicky Vale Batman 

Nice to see Heather Locklear in a sci-fi film, so that she can be included in our little web site. She played Abby Arcane in Return of Swamp Thing (1989)..enough said about the film!  Here she is scantily-clad as an official sci-fi babe.



Heather Locklear Abby Arcane Return of the Swamp Thing 


And where would we be without Star Trek? In the 1980s, there were 4 films; The Wrath of Khan (1982), The Search for Spock (1984), The voyage Home (1986) and The Final Frontier (1989).


The only real thing to consider here, in terms of babes, is the character Saavik, played by Kirsty Allie and then, when Kirsty asked for too much money to re-appear, Robin Curtis. The character was especially created for the film franchise, half Vulcan and half Romulan, but I don't think either were particularly successful in the role. Kirsty with her hair down just about edges it, but i don't think the Vulcan/Romulan babe really worked until we got to the character T'Pol.

Kirsty Allie Saavik Star Trek


Finally, in 1989, Cheryl Ladd (she of Charlie's Angels fame) appeared in Millennium (1989) as Louise Baltimore. Very few good images to be found, but I will do my best to get  a better one when I have time...


Cheryl Ladd Louise Baltimore Millenium 


Scifibabes of the 1980s - TV

GALACTICA 1980 (1980)

Not a very successful return for the franchise, lasting only one series, but it did include a new character, Jamie Hamilton, played by Robyn Douglass, who I thought was quite cute actually!


Robyn Douglas Jamie Hamilton Galactica 1980



A personal favourite of mine from the 1970s/80s was Sandra Dickinson, who played Trillian, the only human female left in the universe, from Islington. She would often play air-brained blondes on TV, but here she was a brilliant mathematician and astrophysicist. The original radio character had an English accent, but I preferred Sandra's squeaky American version.


Sandra Dickinson Trillian Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


KINVIG (1981)

Gosh - I had all but forgotten this TV series until I researched it and remembered I had actually seen it! Prunella Gee played an annoying customer of Kinvig's repair shop, Miss Griffin, who then turned about to be from Mercury.


Prunella Gee Miss Griffin Kinvig



 V (1984-1985)

We were spoiled with sadistic and cruel babes as Visitors in this mini but very successful TV series. No more than Diana, played by Jane Badler, who shocked viewers buy swallowing a guinea pig whole!


Jane Badler Diana V



Diana's superior officer, Lydia, wasn't quite as sadistic as Diana, and for that reason lost out in the battle between the two, Diana becoming supreme commander in the later series. Still quite nasty, though, she was a great addition to the show and was played by June Chadwick.






June Chadwick Lydia V


Nice to meet Sybil Danning again. Here she played Mary Kruger, who didn't last long - shame.



Sybil Danning Mary-Kruger V



On the resistance side, Faye Grant played Julie Parrish, a research scientist at the local hospital. For me, she was the babe of the show.


Faye Grant Julie Parrish V



There's plenty of more babes out there from the Star Trek universe - click on the banner to see more...


Star Trek Banner


Red Dwarf (1988-)

A successful comedy sci-fi that is still (potentially) running. We have a number of babes to choose from...


First we have Chloe Annett as Khristine Kochanski..


Chloe Annett Kristine Kochanski Red Dwarf



And then we have a few guests...


Sophie Winkleman as  Katerina Bartikovsky


Sophie Winkleman Katerina BartiKovsky Red Dwarf



Misfits of Science (1984-1985)

Here's a very young and sweet-looking Courtney Cox as Gloria Dinallo, a mutant with telekinesis powers in this little-remembered series


Courtney Cox Gloria Dinallo Misfits of Science




>>On to Sci-fi babes of the 1990s  




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