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Scifibabes of the 1960s - films

Let's kick of the 1960s with Barbarella undressing!

Now the 1960s, everyone will tell you, was like no other decade in the 20th century. It was the decade I was born in, and certainly the most influential decade for me in terms of my interest in science. Not only did we experience the space race and the first ever visit to another world (ok you conspiracy people out there - a TV studio!), but lasers, VCRs, nuclear threats and the origins of the internet.

Whereas films of the 1950s could be characterised as B movies, with mad scientists, monsters and screaming women, the 1960s was a bit more varied and experimental in  its approach. Here we had iconic sci-fi films like Barbarella, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Planet of the Apes. But then we also had "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" and the "Beast of Yucca Flats", so don't get too excited!

But we also see in the 1960s a great collection of television programs in the genre. Star Trek, Lost in Space, Doctor Who and the precursors for the massive hits of the 70s. For the first time we will dabble into this medium, more because of its significance in the quantity and the quality of sci-fi babes, that separates it from any television in the 50s or earlier. Use the menu on the left to toggle between film and TV.

Now the 1960s start to get challenging, mainly because of the vastness of content to deal with from 1960 onwards. I won't pretend that this web site will have a better Star Trek Babes section than a single web site dealing with that topic, so where I find an excellent site, and I just can't compete for time or space, I will try to provide a link. Remember that this site is devoted to ALL sci-fi babes, and I will try to illustrate as many beautiful women as I can.

Lets get started with a classic film, The Time Machine (1960), written by HG Wells, which split the future into two different races. On one hand you have the subterranean-dwelling Morlocks who eat human flesh, and on the other hand the Eloi, a peaceful, innocent race. One of the Eloi is called Weena, played by the gorgeous Yvette Mimieux. Weena was a classic dumb blonde. A bit of left-overs from earlier decades, but she was also the result of thousands of years of human evolution, where the Eloi became an almost atrophied people. She was harmless, innocent and naive, childlike, even vulnerable to the stage she was prepared to just give up her life without protest. Its the innocence that makes her even more alluring and makes you want to smother and protect her from harm.

Yvette Mimieux Weena The Time Machine.jpg 

Antillia, an Atlantean, played by Joyce Taylor in Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961), was a beautiful and scheming princess who used her good looks to get what she wanted. Being a princess, she looked down on commoners and had no problem condemning people to slavery. She was certainly graceful, elegant and beautiful, and harsh to start off with, but she managed to sort right from wrong in the end.

Joyce Taylor Antilla Atlantis the Lost Continent.jpg 

Back to the Nuclear threat in The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961), where Janet Munroe plays Jeannie Craig, a secretary at the Met Office. Her character was overshadowed by the many great performances in this film, and she makes it onto the list solely as  a looker.

Janet Munro Jeannie Gray The Day the Earth Caught Fire 

The Phantom Planet (1961) introduced Dolores Faith as Zetha in this film made in the 1950s but released later. Zetha didn't really say much (being a mute) but could stand still and look good (patronising I know, but true). Demure, petite and vulnerable, the character very much belongs in the 1950s, fainting at the sight of a monster and allowing herself to be carried off. When she does manage to raise her voice, it is initially through screaming, then she tells the hero that she's loved him since she first saw him! Pretty but feeble.

Dolores Faith Zetha The Phantom Planet 

In Irwin Allen's Lost World (1960), Vitina Marcus played a character simply scripted as "Native Girl". Of  Italian-Sicilian-American descent, she spent much of her time playing Native American women, and boy was she beautiful. Native Girl was a gypsy who lived in a valley terrorised by living dinosaurs. The "Starring" babe was in fact Jill St. John, but there is something sexy about a wild (and lets face it, scantily clad), raven-haired gypsy girl!

Vitina Marcus Girl The Lost World's another one for you! Planet of the apes was another iconic sci-fi film of the 1960s. I remember it well for the innovative costumes and great storyline, but also for the slave girl Nova. She was played by Linda Harrison in the 1968 and 1970 versions. Its a real shame she got killed off in Beneath the Planet of the apes (1970). She was certainly a great looking girl, with a curvaceous body. A woman of few words (well at least in these films!). I guess I'm just a sucker for slave girls scantily clad in fur outfits!!

Linda Harrison Nova  Planet of the Apes 

Remember the classic Day of the Triffids (1962) with Jeanette Scott as Biologist Karen Goodwin? Although not a brilliant film, it does stand out in my mind as a very frightening film, well it frightened me at the time! I liked the fact that the monsters were eventually killed by something simple - sea water. Remind you of anything  e.g. War of the Worlds? Jeanette also appeared in The Crack in the World (1965) as Dr. Maggie Sorenson. Similar roles, really, attractive academics whose roles were underdeveloped because, at the end of  the day Jeanette was cast for her good looks and not her acting ability. Lovely and sweet natured doctors who encounter world-beating dangers.

Janette Scott Karen Goodwin Day of the Triffids 

Janette Scott Maggie Sorenson Crack in the World 

Another beauty, Miss Denmark 1951, was Greta Thyssen, who played Greta, one of a bevy of beauties to be found in Journey to the 7th Planet (1962). Such was her likeness to Marilyn Monroe, she actually played as her double in the film Bus Stop! Good images from the film are hard to find that do her justice, so until I can find a decent one, here's a photo shoot that shows off her best assets! Beautiful.

Greta Thyssen Greta Journey to the Seventh Planet 

Now it may be that I am going off track here, but the Nutty Professor (1963) IS listed as sci-fi, and as such it gets a mention. Especially as it co-starred Stella Stevens as Stella Purdey, a student of the Jekyll and Hyde Julius Kelp, played by Jerry Lewis. The film itself is a great movie, and one of those rare gems, a comedy sci-fi that works. Stella Purdey was a very sexy student.

Stella Stevens Stella Purdey NuttyProffessor 

A big favourite film of mine  from the sixties is The First Men in the Moon (1964), a superb adaptation of HG Wells' novel, especially for the great story line of a Victorian inventor creating an anti-gravity paste called Cavorite, which he uses to travel to the moon. Another good reason is the very sexy Martha Hyer who played Katherine Callender, who accidentally finds herself travelling to the moon with her boyfriend and the professor. As a Victorian, she had little option but to do what she was told, but then all that prim and proper Victorian lace and obvious virginity, but an underlying sense of adventure, makes her very appealing! Here's a publicity still with slightly less clothing than appeared in the film.

Martha Hyer Katherine Callender First Men in the Moon 

Swiss beauty Ursula Andress is probably best known for her role in the James Bond film, Dr. No. But in 1965 she did star in a sci-fi film about a huntress, Caroline Meredith, who had killed 9 victims already and was trying to make it 10 to win a prize in a big-game style future. In The Tenth Victim (1965), she uses her charm as well as her ingenuity to track down her prey.  Meredith was a ruthless and voluptuous femme fatale, who knew no bounds when it came to getting her man - she could certainly look after herself!  There's a particularly good scene in the film where Caroline dances seductively at the Mascoch club, only to fire bullets out of her bra and kill another victim. But wait, we have two babes for the price of one, in the shape of the  lovely Italian Elsa Martinelli, who played Olga who is in pursuit.

Ursula Andress Caroline Meredith The Tenth Victim
Elsa Martinelli Olga The Tenth Victim 

We've had Italian and Now its about time we had a bit of French babe to bring a bit of class to this web site. How about Anna Karina, a Danish-born actress who brings film noir and a sexy French accent to Alphaville (1965). Anna plays Natacha Von Braun (great name), a computer programmer, responsible for a sentient computer that runs Alphaville. Of course we know the computer gets destroyed in the end, as Natacha comes to her senses and kills it!

Anna Karina Natacha von Braun Alphaville 

One of the joys of researching this web site (ONE of the joys?) is that every now and then you come across something you never saw before and discover a babe for the first time. This was the case with the next few babes... Planet of the Vampires (1965)starred Evi Marandi as Tiona, a crew member of a space ship exploring a strange signal on a planets whose surface is covered with fog. Why it was called Planet of the Vampires is beyond me, as the Italian title is translated as "Terror in Space". If you haven't seen the film, it is well worth it, not only for the leather-clad Evi (well before the X-Men movies!), but also because this Italian film must clearly have been a major influence in the making of Alien. It's atmospheric and eerie with lots of fog and coloured atmospheres. Tiona is a classic screamer, going into shock when she sees faces from beyond the grave, even a plastic bag frightens her, but later she challenges a possessed crew member who has a ray gun and even takes a punch as she attacks him, so lots of kiss-ass potential there. The only area she let's us down in is that she wasn't ray gun proof! Shame. Look at this still from the film - what a stunner!

Eva Mirandi Tiona Planet of the Vampires 

Well, then I came across Star Pilot (1965). Otherwise known as 2+5: Missione Hydra, it's another  Italian budget film which was dubbed in English and re-released in 1977 to take advantage of the star wars phenomenon. It stars Leonora Ruffo as Kaena, an alien from the constellation Hydra who has crash landed on Earth. Now I hadn't seen this film before, even though I pride myself in my Sci-fi viewing habits, but parts are available and despite many negative reviews, there is good babe potential. The costumes are truly sci-fi, Barbarella-esque in fact, and well worth watching.

Leonora Roffo Kaena Star Pilot 

Village of the Giants (1965) was a bit of a weird teenager film where Joy Harman played Merrie, one of many "teenagers" (well, Merrie was at least 25 when she starred in this!) who ate some goo created by a genius young chemist (this is after the cat, ducks and a spider all eat it and grow!). Now if you think you might recognise Joy from somewhere else, and like me you are a Cool Hand Luke fan, then do you remember the car wash scene? If not then search for it and watch it! Voluptuous and naughty, a real sex bomb.

Joy Harman Merrie Village of the Giants 

War Gods of the deep or City Under the Sea (1965), was based on an Edgar Alan Poe poem, so it had a good starting pedigree, but seemed to be filmed mostly in a fish tank! Vincent price hammed up the main role, and thank God for the Lovely Susan Hart who gave the film a bit of appeal as Jill Tregillis. Shame she didn't do more sci-fi. She returned to the genre after first playing a robot  (number 11 or Diane) in Dr. G and the Bikini Machine (1963). So I thought we could include an image of her in that film to get a better understanding of her credentials.

Susan Hart Jill Tregillis City Under the Sea 

Susan Hart Diane Dr G and thge Bikini Machine 

Now here is one hottie I certainly missed the first time round, Barbara Bouchet, who you may remember as Miss Moneypenny in Casino Royale, but played Ava Vestok in Agent for HARM (1966). Any babe who has a gun strapped to her thigh does it for me, but she's also someone who practices archery in her bra and panties - in fact she seems to do everything in her bra and panties! It's a shame she didn't practice enough as she missed her target from just 8 feet! The character makes a good attempt to work as a spy and looks like a great kisser.

Barbara Bouchet Ava Vestok Agent for HARM 

In the film, Ava was described as "having no heart, just a machine", which makes her amazingly close to another character Barbara played - Kelinda in Star Trek's By Any Other Name (1968). I don't think the Star Trek appearance does her credit, as the character is devoid of emotion, but her hourglass figure is there for all to see, and she has a gadget that will turn you into a pile of dry chemicals!

Barbara Bouchet Kelinda Star Trek TOS 

This photo of Raquel was a poster for the film Fantastic Voyage (1966), where she played Cora Peterson, a doctor's assistant who was miniaturized with others in a submarine and then injected into a dying man on a mission to save his life. The film was truly fantastic with special effects that may seem dated now, but made 11 years before Star Wars, and were very impressive at the time and don't look too bad even now!. The film is worth watching, not just for Cora (Well it is, really) but for a great storyline too and special effects. Cora didn't do much in the movie, just wear a skin tight rubber diving suit most of the time, that's all! The character is actually meaningless without Raquel playing the part. I hear that James Cameron is doing a remake, ready for 2013? I wonder who he will use for the part of Cora? Did I mention the tight skin diving suit?


Raquel Welch Cora Fantastic Voyage  

Now there are no boundaries to where sci-fi babes come from and there are so many different nationalities to enjoy that its about time we had someone from the Czech Republic. Olga Schoberová played Jessie in the film Who Would Kill Jessie (1966), a comic character that comes to life after an injection of a special potion. Every man's fantasy I imagine, but then which cartoon character would YOU choose? Jessie isn't a bad start, have a look.

Olga Schoberova Jessie Who Would Kill Jessie 

In Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (1967), Israeli-born actress, Daliah Lavi played Madelaine. I haven't actually seen this film, but understand that the character Madelaine was hardly inspiring. There are few pictures available of her and the ones that are available don't do her justice, but take it from me she can be hot.

Daliah Lavi Madeline Rocket to the Moon 

After many attempts, the mad doctor finally produced a woman of babe qualities in Frankenstein Created Woman (1967). The babe in question was Christina, played by Susan Denberg, and was a vast improvement on Ella Lanchester. The only problem with her being the fact that she became a mass murderer before taking her own life - oh well back to the drawing board Frank!

Susan Denberg Woman Frankenstein Created Woman

A year earlier, Susan had appeared in a classic Star Trek episode, Mudd's Women, as one of three beautiful women enhanced by the Venus drug. Here she is as the lovely blonde Magda Kovaks (right) with Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure (centre) and finally Karen Steele as Eve McHuron.

Mudds Women Susan Denberg Magda Kovaks, Maggie Thrett Ruth Bonaventure, Karen Steele as Eve McHuron.   

I can think of a couple of reasons for watching Tura Satana as Satana in The Astro-Zombies (1968), and if you have seen her in either Supervixens or Faster, Pussycat. Kill! Kill!, then you know what I am talking about. This half Japanese, half American-Indian certainly had the figure to stand out as a babe. Buxom, sexy, feisty and ruthless! She stubs out cigarettes in people's faces and her catchphrase is "Kill, Kill, Kill!". Pure evil.

Tura Satana Satana  Astro Zombies.jpg

And now, time for some royalty... The amazingly beautiful Princess Ira von Furstenberg played Arabella in Matchless (1967). I believe this is a still from the film, as she had her hair up in the scenes she wore this particular costume. Now she was born Virginia Carolina Theresa Pancrazia Galdina Prinzessin zu Fürstenberg, which is quite a long name! She oozes class, but unfortunately for us, this was the only sci-fi film she appeared in.

Princess Ira von Furstenberg Arabella Matchless

In fact, she is so amazing - let's have a second picture...

Princess Ira von Furstenberg Arabella Matchless2

Barbarella (1968) is one of  the most iconic sci-fi films of the 1960s and that is certainly true when it comes to sci-fi babes. Jane Fonda plays Barbarella, an agent of Earth in the year 40,000, who travels through space to retrieve a weapon that threatens peace on Earth. The character is renowned for her sexy costumes and frequent (although not explicit) sex scenes. Perhaps the most famous is the opening sequence, where she undresses in Zero gravity. It has to be one of the best opening sequences ever. The character was somewhat tongue in cheek, but has every hallmark of a top sci-fi babe. I mean, she actually BROKE the orgasmatron (properly called the Excessive Machine) - a machine that was designed to give pleasure until it became so unbearable that it caused death! The character was created as a comic earlier in the sixties and was considered quite sexual and liberating at the time. For many, Barbarella embodied the modern woman in an age of sexual liberation.

Barbarella banne

Now before we leave Barbarella, it would be criminal not to mention the antithesis of Jane Fonda's character, the evil Black Queen of Sogo, played by the Italian actress, Anita Pallenberg, one time girlfriend of Rolling Stones member, Keith Richards. For me she was every bit a babe as Barbarella, matching her costumes and antics, in fact there was something about her evilness that was very sexy indeed, and boy did she have a sexy voice (only her voice was dubbed on and actually belonged to Joan Greenwood, so I suppose she must get a mention too!)

Anita Pallenberg Queen of Sogo Barbarella 

Mission Stardust (1968) featured Swede Essy Persson as Thora, the commander of the spaceship the Arkanide. Her platinum wig and skin tight costumes make her as sexy as any babe from the 1960s. Wow this girl is such a babe.

Essy Persson Thora Mission Stardust 

Doppelganger, or as I knew the film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969). Lynn Loring plays Sharon Ross, the wife of Colonel Ross, who travels to the far side of the sun to investigate the existence of a planet in the same orbit as Earth. I loved the film, which was the first live action film by Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame.  Many of the stars went on to make UFO, one of my favourite TV series of all time, so Lynn, although not playing a particularly big role, does make it in because she is good looking.

Lynn Loring Sharon Ross Journey to the Far Side of the Sun 

An anther actress who made it from the big screen to the small one, Catherine Schell, Hungarian born, starred as Clementine Taplin in Moon Zero 2 (1969). Recognise her? She played Maya in the 1970s TV series Space 1999.

Catherine Schell Clementine Taplin Moon Zero 2 

And finally (for the films of the sixties, anyway) I will always remember Valley of Gwangi (1969) for its terrific stop action animation of dinosaurs, only really bettered when the technology for Jurassic Park came along. It starred Gila Golan, a Polish born orphan who was adopted by an Israeli family during the holocaust, as T.J. Breckenbridge, a beautiful cowgirl working in a wild west show. Gila was crowned Miss Israel in 1961 and was second in the miss world contest that year.

Gila Golan T J Breckenbridge Valley of Gwangi 

Scifibabes of the 1960s - TV

For the purposes of this website, we will start our journey into TV sci-fi babes in the 1960s, mainly because this is the time when sci-fi TV series became popular (largely due to the fact that TV sets became commonplace). That is not to say that there were no science fiction TV programmes prior to this, indeed Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Superman and the Quatermass series were all very popular. As far as babes are concerned, however, they were few and far between and some have already appeared in the 1950s Film section, as serialisation took place on the silver screen. I will get round to researching early TV at some come back and visit.

The 1960s TV programmes were unusual in that many ways. First we had actresses "guest-starring" in many different series, so we see many cross-overs, which I will try to illustrate along the way. We also had many anthologies, many of which were lost and some destroyed, but either way hard to classify and locate. We also had puppets from the wonderfully talented Gerry and Silvia Anderson. Welcome to Sci-fi TV in the 1960s.


This was a BBC TV series made right at the start of the 1960s and set as far forward in time as the 1970s! It starred a relatively unknown actress who went on to be a massive star in the 1960s - the beautiful Julie Christie, who played Andromeda, an artificially created woman. The series was mostly lost and only 15 minutes of film remains, which is a shame. The series was resurrected, however in 1962, as The Andromeda Breakthrough and again in 2006.

Julie Christie Andromeda A for Andromeda 

TIME TUNNEL (1966-67)

One of the busiest actresses, Lee Merriwether played Dr. Anne McGregor in the Time Tunnel (1966-67), although she stands out more for her role as the very sexy catwoman in the 1966 Batman film (below). I shall, also however remember her for her role as Losira in the 1969 Star Trek episode "That which Survives"

Lee Meriwether Anne McGregor Time Tunnel 

Lee Merriwether Losira Star Trek TOS


LOST IN SPACE (1965-1968)

Remember Vitina Marcus as Native Girl in Lost World (1960)? Well,  Well she played the stunning green space girl from two Lost in Space episodes (Wild Adventure1966 and The Girl From the Green Dimension, 1967). Now I haven't seen those episodes for quite a while, but I can remember that she hypnotised Dr. Smith with a seductive voice (Mr. Smiiiiii - ithhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh) and sexy style. The charm was much stronger than just a TV appearance as I fell under her spell and remember her to this day.


Vitina Marcus Girl From the Green Dimension Lost in Space

This was one of my favourite TV series of the 1960s. The Space Family Robinson set out to start a new life on a distant planet, but as the title suggests, got a bit lost. The series is probably best known for the Robot, who was designed by the same guy who created Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet! As a babe fan, however, there was no competition. Norwegian-born, but half Finnish and half German, Beauty Marta Kristen played Judy Robinson, a 19-year old angel of space. One of my favourites of the 1960s.

Marta Kristen Judy Robinson Lost in Space


LAND OF THE GIANTS (1968-1970)

I loved this TV series. I could never make up my mind which of the two female characters I liked the most, Deanna Lund as Valerie Scott or  Heather Young as Betty Hamilton - it was Valerie Scott!!

Deanna Lund Valerie Scott Land of the Giants

STAR TREK (1966-69)

Gosh - there are loads of babes, too many to be shown here. I could do a whole web site on these - but I've decided to do a special page - showing only a handful of my favourites.

Star Trek Banner

BATMAN (1966-1968)

By virtue of being listed as sci-fi in IMDb, Batman find itself featured in his website, and lucky for us,  too! There were some great babes in the TV series, mostly bad, mostly mad, but perhaps that isn't a bad thing.

From the good gals, there was Batgirl, Played by Yvonne Craig, who also played commissioner Gordon's daughter. Here are pictures of her as both characters...

Yvonne Graig Batgirl Batman

As a matter of interest, Yvonne trained as a ballet dancer, and played many dancing parts in her time. She also appeared in Star Trek as an Orion Slave girl in "whom Gods Destroy", with a memorable little jig.

Catwoman was, of course, one of Batman's regular foes and almost certainly the sexiest. Played by Julie Newman, who played her for 12 episodes (my personalfavourite) and Eartha Kitt for the last 3, she was characterised as a purring feline with a whip and dressed in black rubber!

Julie Newmar Catwoman Batman

We met Nancy Kovack earlier, but when she donned a blonde wig and became Queenie, she totally transformed herself. In the TV series, she was just a moll, or sidekick, but I think the character had enough about her to be a villainess on her own.

Nancy Kovack Queenie Batman

Can you believe that the very gorgeous Kathy Kersh, who played one of the Joker's molls, Cornelia, was actually married to the boy wonder himself? Don't worry it didn't last!  She looks really sexy in that tight purple uniform. If anyone has better quality pictures, I would be pleased to put them on.

Kathy Kersh Cornelia Batman

Remember Deanna Lund from Land of the giants? Well you won't be surprised to hear that she played Anna Gram (oh the names were so corny but great) in a couple of episodes.

Deanna Lund Anna Gram Batman

THE CHAMPIONS (1968-1969)

Sharron Macready was one of the Champions, three agents who were involved in a horrific plane crash in the Himalayas, yet were somehow "repaired" by a hidden civilisation and enhanced with superhuman powers. This was another of my favourite TV programmes of the sixties (well, for ever, really) and starred the beautiful Alexandra Bastedo as Sharron, who was a mere 20 years old at the time.

Alexandra Bastedo Sharron Macready The Champions


>>On to Sci-fi babes of the 1970s  

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